Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Update 2...

Following on from the initial statement we posted on Friday about the context and rationale for the Blackpool work (the post before this), we have unfortunately not heard anything back about the future of the piece. We have managed to pull together some images of the work. We are not at all happy with the quality of these images, as I mentioned previously the work was removed before we had time to document it properly. Unfortunately these are all we have and they are at least better then the 3 week old photograph that was taken before the piece was finished and is being used by Blackpool Council's communication department as evidence against the appropriateness of this work...
We haven't been given the opportunity to talk about the work to Helen France, the Director of Places for Blackpool Council, who ordered it to be removed, or show her the finished work. As such, we still haven't been given the facts as to why the work was removed. As mentioned in the previous statement we are committed artists, we both have BA(hons) in fine art, Sarah Jay also has an MA from the Royal College of Art. We have both independently received grants for the arts funding from Arts Council England in the past five years to develop our work. We have a good track record of successfully working with communities on arts projects and believe that art and cultural are central to successful regeneration. I think our professional experience demonstrates our commitment to a high level of artistic quality.
What little information that has been passed down to us suggests that somebody thought the picture of the unfinished work made the shop look like a brothel. Again the work has been judged one day in to a three week installation period. The thought never crossed either of our minds. We were creating a piece about the Blackpool we know, and brothels are not central to that perception. In our view of Blackpool we were drawing parallels to the Christmas display windows of Binns that we used to get so excited about as children and the drama of the stage sets at the Winter Gardens and the Grand Theatre.

We feel it is really unfortunate that Helen France has not taken the time to view the final piece or talk to anyone about the project, if she had have taken this time she would have understood the piece was promoting Blackpool using the beautiful archive and celebrating Blackpool's rich history.

The pictures below show some of the work. They do not document accurately the different levels and layers that the piece worked on. Please see previous statement for a full explanation of the work.


  1. I think it is disgraceful that this Helen France has that kind of dictatorial power. It is also disgusting that she hasn't spoken to either of you or viewed the final piece.

    Blackpool council should not be surprised if future funding bids are damaged by their reckless and unprofessional behaviour.

  2. This is such a sad story!

    Not only must it be terribly disappointing for you both as artists to have your creation dismantled but also what a shame for the local community who have missed out on seeing the completed work. From your description and these photos I can tell it was delightful.

  3. The work looks amazing! I love the images from the local archive....this work would have been a brilliant way to promote this amazing resource. If anywhere needs creative things happening it`s Blackpool.

  4. I love your work, I think it's a real shame that your work was so unfairly and summarily dismissed by someone who sounds like they really shouldn't be a director of anything. Good luck with your future projects, I hope either this one gets reinstated or we see more of your work in Blackpool.