Thursday, 10 March 2011

The stuff of life....

I'm in a very philosophical mood today. Maybe its down to the methodical process of making bread last night, or perhaps it was the programme I was listening to on the radio this morning about the concepts of free will, determinism and fate (I would explain, but although I understood when I was listening, I'm not sure I could explain it!). It's a mood that over takes me from time to time when I have to question if we have the balance of life right. There just seems to be too little time to fit in everything that I want/need to do (working, cleaning, being creative, cooking, reading... I could go on). So does this mean that I have my priorities wrong. I'm sure its an issue that effects everybody at some point, if anyone has figured out how to find the right balance, I'd be very keen to know!


  1. This balance is a constant struggle for me! I have found that I have to be open to my priorities changing-sometimes baking is more important than reading, sometimes not. The only thing I don't change is where the people in my life land on my priority list. Always first.

    Your bread looks delicious by the way-I have yet to master this art!

  2. Thank you, I was very chuffed with the bread! Your probably right, we have to flexible and change our priorities at different times, always remebering that people should be top priority. I think maybe I'm impatient and want to be able to achieve everything at once!