Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Not sure what its like in your little corner of the globe, but here in the north of England, this morning felt decidedly autumnal - which just isn't on. As much as I like autumn, we just have not had enough summer yet, I really think the weather should start trying harder. I'm not sure if its the terrible weather, or the 'nearly time to go back to school' mentality that we must have had programmed into to us years ago, but I have to say I'm in rather a reflective mood. I'm having a week of circulating those age old questions, how do we find a balance in our life, do what we want whilst still paying the mortgage etc etc. Somebody told me the other day the gap between what we have and we want is what motivates us in life, and I know that this is very true, but sometimes I wish the gap was a little smaller! I realise that there are no real answers to these questions, and that we just have to plod away at it, but I think its important to acknowledge the difficulties in the creative life, the sacrifices we make and share them with like minded people. Basically, I'm having a moan, feel from to moan back at me!

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